▼ General Skills

| Web Development
| Web Technologies
| WordPress Site Deployment/Development
| Digital Marketing/Platform Development
| Project, Asset, Resource Management
| Brand Management
| Analytics
| Campaign Management
| Email Campaigns and Marketing
| Project Management
| Budget Oversight
| Goal Achiever
| PCI Compliance

▼ Creative Gifts

| Brand Acumen
| Social Engagement
| Idea Driver
| Mind Mapping
| Prioritization
| Goal Forecasting
| Inclusive
| Hands-on
| Energizing
| Design
| Creativity
| Sensitivity to End-User & Stakeholder Needs
| Musician: play piano, violin, classical guitar

▼ Technical Development Skills

| Full Adobe Suite
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• Dreamweaver
• InDesign
• Lightroom
| Wireframe/layout of website or web application (PSD/AI and other tools)
| Markup Language
• processors
• Bootstrap
• & other frameworks, (on all major IDEs)
| JavaScript interactivity website (or jQuery)
| Object-oriented programming
• coding
• troubleshooting
• testing
• (PHP, AngularJS, NodeJS, Gulp, Grunt)
| Version control e.g. Git
| All aspects of deployment
• domain DNS
• hosting (virtually all AWServices)
| Query language
• SQLite
• Pick D3

Product Owner: 2 Startup Companies

I have created two startup companies with a financial partner to facilitate financial and software needs for the Home Owner Association industry, which is a large part of the industry in Sun Valley, Idaho.

▲ Ally Association Network: a financial network designed for HOA’s to invest capital reserves securely with the US Government Treasury. STATUS: pre-launch.
… from concept, wireframes, photoshop, HTML, AngularJS, to Final project.

▲ Ally Software Platform: an operational platform designed to streamline operational procedures for medium-scale HOA teams. STATUS: in full use for 3 years, v1.2 released Jan. 1, 2020.
… from concept, wireframes, photoshop, HTML/PHP, v.1.1 to v.1.2…

Mobile Prowess: Responsive Development

Screen Size friendly design is simply expected.

Development Environment

Mac OS X, Adobe products, Atom IDE, MAMP & LAMP stacks, Linux, Ubuntu… and beyond.

Annual Video Project: Sun Valley Jazz Festival

▲ Sun Valley Jazz Festival: (pro-bono) video footage and Facebook Live Streaming, multicast live streaming for the main event hall of the event.
… from camera, to Adobe Premiere, and camera-straight-to-livestream…

Web Development: Work History

▲ From Brand to eCommerce:
• Smith Optics, the only developer at Smith to take the platform from $0 – $10mil/yr in sales. Implemented a 2.2 million dollar eCommerce platform on Hybris. Design of front end with LiveAreaLabs, while managing DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform, front end development, category layout, and eventually won 3 Davey Awards.
• ScottEvest, consulted for platform elements in the eCommerce space. Advised on Social Media campaigns and designed a video that drew over 1,000,000 views.
• Carson Events, YMCA, Wood River Journal, and more… website design/development, with brand interest and technical support on migrating and syncing data on the backend. All PHP website development.