An Innovator with Passion and Influence
who thrives in the margins.

  • Creative:
    I currently have bandwidth to provide online video marketing and visual assets to a select few. Contact me below.
  • Development:
    I am currently fully engaged in a SAAS startup that provides an operationally platform for association structured entities.
  • Musician:
    I am at full capacity providing bi-weekly worship sets to a local faith community.
  • Father/Husband:
    My family keeps me proud and smiling by growth and maturity in life’s nuances within it’s grand design.


A web developer with UI/UX proficiency who sees the ‘edge’ as reality – is defined by impact, and challenged by adversity.

  • Project Management (Jira/Asana/Basecamp)
  • UI/UX (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD)
  • HTML5/CSS4/PHP/JavaScript/Git/Responsive(Bootstrap)
  • Analytical Skills for Audience & Markets


Icons Tell a Story in the Brain

Using icons to tell a story is nothing new and it’s one of the oldest communication types in the world. Whether it’s cave drawings depicting humans, weapons, and animals; your first computer desktop or iPhone; or describing a complicated financial procedure. Sometimes the big-picture is best explained in graphic form. Remove the complicated definitions and show …


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